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Private Equity

Private Equity

Private equity faces renewed criticism with every election cycle, but in spite of that criticism, it continues to be an ideal tool to wring inefficiencies out of fragmented markets and to achieve significant economies of scale in disparate industry sectors.

Private equity alternative investment opportunities that are available from Independent third-party investment advisors create advantages for investors on several fronts:


  • They maintain offices in all major domestic and international markets and focus their research and analysis efforts on private equity opportunities
  • They engage in partnerships, joint ventures, and other collaborative structures, which gives investors more extensive private equity investment choices that could not be offered by a sole underwriter or manager
  • They understand the entrepreneurial mindset that drives many companies seeking private equity investments, and we match that mindset with their business philosophy and model
  • They do not take a cookie-cutter approach to any private equity opportunities but develop custom and novel solutions in every instance
  • They avoid locking target companies into rigid structures that reduce long-term growth prospects.

Our Unique Perspective on Private Equity Investments

Private equity investments benefit from a collaborative approach in which teams of underwriters work together with target companies to generate higher value in those companies. Further, although private equity has a potential for superior returns, it also poses significantly higher risks in any single investment or structure.

Independent third-party investment advisors accommodate their clients’ desires to participate in the private equity market and their need to control risks by diversifying portfolios with multiple private equity funds and best practice management solutions among joint underwriting teams. They conduct a strict due diligence process before participating in any private equity opportunity. This allows them to assess every company’s management and market prospects before recommending any private equity opportunities to an interested investor.


Self-Evident Private Equity Success

The top-performing independent third-party private equity advisors are proud to emphasize their collective and individual successes, but they do more than rely on those successes. With each prospective private equity opportunity, those analysts and consultants seek new mechanisms to serve the wealth growth and management goals of their clients. They collaborate with partners and underwriters to build and expand their reputation and standings within the private equity community. Those advisors pride themselves on several fronts:

  • unparalleled knowledge and skills in developing private equity solutions
  • proprietary technology-based research that spans domestic and foreign markets
  • dynamic ideas and structures that respond to volatile markets and rapidly-changing financial conditions
  • administration and management of investment solutions that eliminate the confusion that often detracts from private equity benefits.

A Cash Management Approach in a Global Investing Environment

Independent third-party private equity advisors tailor their cash management and liquidity solutions to take advantage of the opportunities and limitations of each client’s location or venue. Those private equity advisors will discuss specific regional options that match each client’s liquidity requirements within the client’s tolerance for risk and overall yield target.


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