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Liquid Real Assets

Liquid Real Estate and Real Assets

An investor’s need for liquidity will be a significant driver of a portfolio’s strategy. Independent third-party analysts and wealth advisors offer advantages to investors that want both cash and the investment opportunities that real assets can offer:

  • several years of experience and connections in local markets and a deep understanding of the process of achieving liquidity through rapid market exits
  • an option of holding cash in individual stocks or tradable funds that third-party advisors select for their liquidity advantages
  • an ability to hold assets in one or several accounts to segregate different investment strategies without sacrificing the benefits of anyone’s strategy
  • recommendations based on thorough research and due diligence
  • regular readjustments to balance risk and return targets.

Independent third-party consultants use their research and management skills to identify real estate and infrastructure investment funds that remove the liquidity risk from actual asset holdings. If called for, they also consider commodities, commodities funds, futures, options, and other derivative products that do not tie up cash reserves on a long-term basis.

A Targeted Perspective on Liquid Investments

Independent third-party investment advisors originate investment vehicles that include active liquidity elements, monitoring local, domestic, and international markets for liquid real asset opportunities. They also create a disciplined structure for an approach to portfolio recommendations and its creation of liquid products for portfolios.

Liquidity Via Different Investment Vehicles

Independent third-party investment advisors originate new investment products and research other vehicles for liquidity options in real estate, infrastructure, and commodity investments. As with all of their products, they utilize proprietary research tools and techniques to deliver liquidity solutions that satisfy every investor’s unique profile.

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