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Real Estate

Real Estate

Benefits offered through a sound approach to real property investing:

  • Deriving value from real estate investments requires careful analysis of the four phases of the real estate cycle: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession. Buying or selling at the wrong time within this period can quickly erode an investment portfolio’s value. Independent third-party advisors monitor the cycle in our approach to both residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities, which furthers the goal of achieving optimum returns over the long term with reduced risk of adverse effects from market forces.
  • Independent third-party local real estate investment teams watch regional trends in their geographic territories. They utilize this knowledge to drive decisions on real estate purchases and sales and to manage properties in investor portfolios.
  • Independent third-party compliance and technology teams provide assurances of regulatory compliance across all of real estate investment platforms.

A subset of investors has historically used real estate investments to secure the foundational value of their portfolios and to achieve long-term growth and regular cash flow that might not be available in a more volatile securities market. An independent third-party’s approach to real estate investments expands real estate opportunities to a broader investor base. In addition to direct investment in individual properties or REITs, clients might consider derivative products, such as real estate debt instruments, either as part of their core investments or in the “add alpha” components of their portfolios.

A cycle-driven approach to analyzing the real estate investment market and connections offered by independent advisors to local and regional trends create unprecedented opportunities for our clients. Those advisors work to identify trends before the broader market internalizes and discounts them. Moreover, independent third-party real estate investment advisors are more than just spectators in the market. Their firsthand knowledge of different real estate markets and sectors gives investors preferred returns, regular cash flow, and long-term stability and growth. Many of independent third-party real estate consultants are also key opinion leaders in their respective real estate sub-specialties.

A Tailored Perspective on Real Estate investing

Deriving growth and value from real estate investments require research and insight into local, national, and international trends within the greater context of the real estate life cycle. We shape our analysis to uncover near- and long-term asset growth and regular income without concentrating on only one or a small handful of property categories. Our wealth advisors consult with our clients to formulate:

  • strategic goals and research targets to find the right opportunities at each phase of the cycle;
  • a focus on the details and data of each investment;
  • an understanding of the financing options and transactional costs that affect each parcel or property under consideration;
  • active management of each property that coincides with best practices exercised in a local or regional market;
  • full financial accounting for each project to verify that financing and equity are adequately matched to achieve optimum growth.

Our Philosophy is to Serve Our Clients First

The real estate investment funds and REITs that we manage or recommend are structured to serve our clients with the highest level of fiduciary care and responsibility. We identify a client’s wealth management goals, risk aversion profile, and need for both immediate and generational wealth. We use that knowledge to achieve diverse portfolios that can include both private and public real estate investment products.

Private Equity Real Estate Investments

The independent third-party wealth advisors in our referral network identify equity opportunities in the private real estate markets through:

  • in-depth research from both a global and local perspective
  • avoidance of risk beyond each client’s specific risk tolerance
  • experience-driven asset selection and transaction management
  • active management throughout the real estate life cycle with an overriding goal of long-term growth.

Private Debt Real Estate Investments

Independent third-party real estate wealth advisors research and direct derivative debt instruments that are secured by real estate to identify the best tools for extraordinary cash flow and growth. Those advisors maintain close connections with debt issuers and participants in the secondary markets for debt instruments, and strive to find high-value debt opportunities before they are diluted into the broader markets.

For both private debt and equity, they utilize a feedback loop that starts with their research and market analysis. They feed their results into a plan that is then executed according to an investor’s own wealth management plan. They regularly monitor the performance of the program and readjust assets to maintain consistency with the investor’s plan and risk tolerance.

Public Real Estate Securities

The market for derivative securities that are backed by real estate assets has survived and thrived since the 2008 market crash. Savvy investors have used their experience from that crash to find profitable opportunities in the current market. Independent third-party real estate investment advisors implement investment recommendations in this market through a funnel approach:

  • they first analyze the geopolitical and private economic trends in credit, money supply, exchange rates, and national and international policies
  • they apply that analysis to specific markets to identify potential investments that match desired return and risk benchmarks
  • they look for assets in those markets that deliver steady or growing value and reliable cash flow concerning financing and other fixed and variable costs
  • they select a limited number of those assets to create an investment portfolio that meets a client’s strategies and goals with respect to underlying asset value and short- and long-term risk.

Maintaining Geographic Proximity to Real Estate Assets

The best practice is for the physical offices of independent third-party real estate investment advisors are in close proximity to the real estate assets that they analyze and recommend.

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