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Cash Management

Cash Management and Liquidity as a Component of an Investment Portfolio

No portfolio serves the needs of its owner if that portfolio precludes the investor’s access to funds on an as-needed basis. Recommendations from independent third-party wealth advisors always consider an investor’s need for liquidity within the broader context of wealth creation and investment management and stability. Those advisors work to give investors the best possible portfolio performance with an optimum level of safety and liquidity that offers the investors penalty-free access to their cash reserves.

Cash Management Solutions

The independent third-party wealth advisors in our referral network have managed billions of dollars of client assets and have provided consistent and secure portfolio management services for their clients for more than 100 years. Cash management and liquidity is a significant portion of the total service offerings of every quality wealth manager.

Unparalleled Liquidity and Cash Management Expertise

The top global investment advisors provide cash management and liquidity options to investors that are consistent with their leadership position in the industry. Independent advisors that have several years of cash management experience will offer these services as a direct investment option and as a component of fixed income and other portfolio strategies.

As with all of investment recommendations from independent third-party wealth advisors, the best cash management and liquidity solutions will reflect research into the credit markets, interest rate fluctuations and trends, national monetary policies, and risk management mechanisms. The clients’ investment goals will be considered first to deliver optimum returns on cash and liquid investments with the lowest potential risk.

Each client will consult one-on-one with an independent wealth management specialist who focuses on the client’s specific wealth management plan to create the right cash management and liquidity solution for the management and wealth creation goals of the client’s portfolio.

An Intelligent Cash Management Approach in a Global Investing Environment

Independent third-party wealth advisors tailor their cash management and liquidity solutions to take advantage of the opportunities and limitations of each client’s location or venue. Those wealth advisors will discuss specific regional options that match each client’s liquidity requirements within the client’s tolerance for risk and overall yield target.

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